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Get to know me!

Hi Beauties! I am so excited to launch my new blog!

If you are new to the Christi Crig Beauty Tribe, WELCOME!!

I am dedicated to creating a positive environment for you to learn, be creative, have fun, but most importantly to be your complete beautiful self. I like to think I am a self love enthusiast (I'm pretty sure I made up that title).

The power of makeup is so strong and when you take time to Glam it up you can get an instant boost of confidence. However, it is so important that we love the bare faced woman staring back at us in mirror first thing in the morning or else the power of makeup just becomes a mask.

"Don't waste time comparing yourself to others. Just be your own kind of beautiful." -Christi Crig

Avoid that mask by learning to love your imperfections just as they are. Love who you are inside and out. Because I'm here to tell you everyone around you knows you're beautiful and once you can discover that you are indeed BEAUTIFUL it will be the best thing you can do for yourself. Makeup was not created to turn an ugly thing pretty. It was created to enhance the beauty that already exists.

Thank you for taking time to read my first blog and for all of your love and support!

Have an AMAZING week and tell someone they look beautiful today!

And remember this week, "be your own kind of beautiful!!!"

Christi Crig

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